Review Policy.

Although I am a blogger newbie once again, I thought I'd put this page on my blog for future reference.

I like to give all books a chance, but for the purposes of this blog it will be mainly fiction reviews as I do enough non-fiction reading for university.  At the moment I will be reading a lot of YA Fiction titles, but that doesn't mean I won't accept MG or Adult books.

My reviews will be my own honest opinion whether that be positive or negative.  However, I will not intentionally go out my way to offend anyone, especially the author, in any way.  For the most part, it will be constructive criticism, if any.

If you would like to send me a copy of your book to review  then that's great!  However, I only accept physical copies for now.  I will start accepting ebooks as soon as I buy an ereader!  I may occasionally accept an audiobook but this will depend on the book and the voice of the reader (as I sometimes can't concentrate if the voice is monotone).

Contact me at:

What is written on this page will be updated when I become more organised with my blog.  It is just a brief overview for now.
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